- Ability to Pause and Resume the Download...

Some Windows-based YouTube Downloaders have the ability to pause and resume the download. PLEASE ADD PAUSE & RESUME in the MAC version of YouTube Downloader...

Author: Eezie, 18.03.2016, 18:20
Idea status: scheduled


ed, 15.06.2016, 00:02
This is actually kind of a big deal. NOT having it, imo, is a BUG.

Case in point, large watchlist (GBs), many downloads happening simultaneously, most get to 90%, windows shutdown/app shutdown/restart/etc, too bad for the user, he needs to start over again... ALL of the files are in the music folder, but not named (temp files), and no way to resume, or rather RECOVER.

It's free though, so whatever, but if you want people to actually do your pay upgrades, would make sense to not have something so broken as this.
khalifa jamshid, 19.08.2018, 05:31
I agree with Eezie.

Please introduce the ability to resume downloads.


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