- Youtube2mp3 limit ~500 videos

I would love to be able to download channels with 4000+ videos uploaded, without the program crashing, so far the limit seems to be 500 - I'm a horder of old vinyl recordings .. that music is lost if no one saves it..

I don't think its my computer as its a pretty beefy system, and task manager shows barley any impact.

The way I imagine this could be achieved is to some how be able to download 'parts' at a time, I don't know how it could be done, but hopefully you guys are able too :)

Love the software, thanks for all the work you all have put into this!

Author: Danny , 19.04.2016, 20:53
Idea status: completed


mediahuman, 03.05.2017, 05:58
I was able to download a channel with 40,000 videos using the latest version. However, it took a few hours.

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