- Idea: Create a 432 Hz music converter! Much healthier than the distorted 440 Hz frequency.

This is a deep subject and far more insidious that most realise....in fact most do not realise that this is an issue...or that it has been done on purpose to hurt humanity...in general people are not conscious period they are asleep so pumping out the 440 hertz "frequency" in music tracks, radio any and all broadcasts is very damaging to the human psyche....it can cause anger, negativity etc etc. We don't need more of that right now we need peace and calm and to not be agitated by hertz frequencies which effect the brain. The universe is Frequency Period!

Create a "quick and easy way" to convert tracks back to 432 hz and there are other frequencies too - would be Great!

There are some good programmes out there already but this could really be an add on for you guys!

Author: DL , 02.04.2017, 12:58
Idea status: under consideration


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