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I haven't had any issues with the YouTube to mp3 desktop version, in fact, it's the only one I use and the best I have found so far in either app or site form. It is convenient, offering the ability to add thumbnails as album art, adjustable audio quality settings, etc.
However, when I am away from my PC, it is difficult if not impossible to find such an app for mobile. Most sites don't offer the ability to choose bitrate of mp3s, and if they do, it's just upsampled and therefore not really the quality it says it is. They're sometimes riddled with invasive popups and therefore not usable at all. Close to none offer the ability to add tags to the converted file before downloading, and not one has the ability to download multiple files side by side. All have a limit to the length of the video you can convert. All this to say, I would really appreciate if you would work towards making a mobile app that has some of the features of the desktop version, including the ones I mentioned as being unavailable in other apps, if possible. I know this process requires time and money and this may not be the first time you've received such a request, but I would urge you to consider it, as it would be useful to myself and a lot of others too. Thanks.

Author: Madi Lee, 24.12.2018, 19:45
Idea status: under consideration


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